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Saving Animals to maintain Ecological Balance

Research has found that the first life appeared on earth nearly three billion years ago in the form of a primitive single-celled organism like bacteria. It is much later, in the last 570 million years, the kind of life with which we are familiar started to evolve. These creatures were found in the sea followed by fishes. It was 200 million ago that mammals evolved. It was only 200, 000 years back the first man believed to have originated. The genetic and physical similarities of human have a very close relationship with a species, the apes. Humans, apes and gorillas share a common ancestor that as found 6 million years ago. Thus human being was born from the womb of nature.

But modern humans have successfully separated themselves from nature and in the process of human evolution, we have alienated ourselves even from our animal relatives. This alienation effect has reached such a level that we began to see animal either as a hindrance to our growth or as a source of profit. We have totally forgotten that wildlife and all the other animals including human beings together contribute to the balance of ecology.

All the domesticated and undomesticated life forms, including birds, insects, plants, fungi play a very important role in maintaining the health of the planet. Each species have a special role in the larger food chain. They act either as predators, prey or decomposers and thus there is a proper balance in our food chain. Thus our eco-system is a relationship of various food webs. Even the extinction of a single species can have a negative effect on the environmental imbalance.

We can consider a situation where the number of bees gets reduced. Bees play a very crucial role as they pollinate food crops. The growth of food crop will definitely reduce because of the lack of pollination. If bees went extinct, it can affect the global food chain. Birds have an important role in pollination and act as a storehouse or carriers of pathogens.

The increase in the killing of carnivores because of human poaching and hunting can lead to an increase in the number of herbivores. These herbivores depend on forest vegetation and other plant sources for their survival and this can disturb the growth of vegetation. Thus carnivores keep the herbivores in check and let the forests to flourish that acts as a storehouse of carbon. The animals that survive on plants maintain a balance in the world of plants. The plant species that can be harmful to the growth of other organisms can be the food of some other animals. Some of the animals help in removing the carcasses and dead bodies of other animals. Microorganisms such as bacteria help in cleaning the environment, while some other help plants by acting as an agent that will convert the nitrogen from the air. Earthworm and some other insects help in increasing the fertility of the soil.

Thus animals are very important for the balance of our ecology and extinction of wildlife can have an adverse effect on the health of the environment. All animals including domesticated and wild, birds, microorganisms and insects have a certain role in this ecosystem. Disrupting that chain will result in various sisters. Therefore protecting animals become the call of the hour and we need to understand that in their protection lies our protection and safety of the planet.

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About The Author: Radhika R is a student of Christ University Bangalore. She is pursuing her Masters in English with Cultural Studies. She completed her UG in English Literature from Kerala. Her areas of interest are mythology and arts

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