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Organic Farming at home

As per news reports and the Government of India, The Novel Coronavirus is here to stay. While the country is opening up slowly despite rising cases, Social distancing is still the first and most important safety measure you can take to protect your loved ones from this highly contagious virus.

It is still crucial that you take sufficient measures to stay at home and limit your interaction with the outside world even while the country is reopening. Daily grocery shopping must also be limited to some days of the week. Post-Lockdown life may be different than what we’ve been used to. But there’s a bright side to it too. We are finally spending more time with our family and taking care of ourselves, Also learning a lot of new skills.

However, If you are still feeling the blues, Try Organic Kitchen Gardening.

Since time immemorial, humans have grown used to growing plants and crops. There is a sense of connection with growth and nature that makes us happy and inspires us. This connection may be missing since we can’t go out and experience nature. However, you could have your very own kitchen garden at home.

While it might not completely provide for your grocery needs, It is 100% organic and you could be self-assured that it’s not artificial and not contaminated, All while providing you with a sense of accomplishment. You could also grow other medicinal plants which might be very useful for your health.

Here are some essential pointers to get you started:

  • If your house ever had lead paint, the lead might be in the soil. Lead leaches out of weathered paint for many years and remains in the soil. Never plant fruit, veggies, herbs, or fruit-bearing trees in the soil next to your house if you know—or suspect—that it was painted with lead-based paint. Remember, Lead is very dangerous for your body and health.

  • Think small, especially at first. Find a spot in your yard that gets at least 6 hours of sun a day. Even a window box or a few containers can be a starter garden.

  • Think about what you like to eat and how often you want to eat it. Plants like tomatoes, peppers, and squash will keep producing all year long, while vegetables like carrots and corn will only produce once.

  • Water in large quantities, especially enough to water a garden, is heavy. Choose a spot that can be reached by sprinklers, a hose, or an irrigation system.

  • Place your garden at a spot with a wind barrier- Plants with no obstructions against the wind are at risk of getting damaged, dried out, or blown over. Choose a place next to a slatted fence, hedge, or small grove of trees

  • You can use neem water as a pest control. Good options also include peat moss, manure, or compost.

  • Another thing while doing organic planting is cleanliness. It is important to clean the area and ensure it doesn’t reek of smell and attracts pests.

  • Regularly taking off the green portions of weeds will deprive them of the nourishment they need to continue growing. Weeds are any plant you don't want growing in an area

  • Be sure to research any product thoroughly before you use it in your garden.

  • Urban gardening can seem impossible, It may be fruitful(literally) to grow a garden with your neighbor. Though be careful to not include too many people.

A lot of information about Organic farming can be found online. Remember, This is an ongoing process of learning and experimentation. Don’t worry if you get it wrong in the first try!

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About Author: Vignesh is an engineering student who's curious about everything above and below the sun. An Engineer by the day and electronic musician by night.

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