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You might have heard the phrase “Charity begins at home”, but now you are going to read about “Conversation begins at home”. That’s what net-zero living is all about. It is the concept of producing your own electricity, managing your own water supply, and growing all the food you need. It implies that your pollution contribution from heating, cooling, and operating your household is net zero. Whatever you take from the environment, you give it back in some or the other way and there’s a balance, equality.

For the starters, there’s an easy way to start. Design your lifestyle and home in such a way that it functions within its equitable share of earth’s carrying capacity. Here, a question arises: How to flourish within an equitable amount of earth’s carrying capacity without sacrificing the comforts of modern life?

Try to harvest your own electricity through solar panels. Although expensive, it’s a one-time investment that can save the environment and wealth for the rest of your life. Harvest rainwater for domestic use. This step can be a significant one if the groundwater levels in your area are reducing at a quick rate. Try to grow what you need in the kitchen. Maximum components needed in the kitchen can be harvested from your own family garden. Grow your vegetables and fruits you need. Even spices can be grown at home.

Now there is waste, the waste from the daily chores, and the waste from the kitchen. What can you do with it? There is a one-step solution for this. Turn it into compost and use it in your garden to make your soil fertile. There will be a chain between what you produce and what you discard. Your waste from the vegetables will go back to the point where it originated from and will enhance your soil’s fertility and will help in the growth of plants.

This kind of lifestyle is not only eco-friendly but also affordable. When we have used the Earth’s resources for years, let’s make an attempt to reduce the exploitation we do, if we cannot return the favors that nature has done for us in the past years of our life. Try to turn your life into a net-zero living.

Do you care about the environment? Wish to make a change? Have an idea to resolve issues? ELP is your chance.

We are excited to launch our first edition of the Ecochirp Launchpad program 2020 (ELP2020). ELP is the game-changer for all the budding enviropreneurs. It is a 12 weeks launchpad program for youth-led environmental solutions. This virtual launchpad program with weekly learning modules that includes webinars, mentoring sessions, and weekly tasks that will support you to launch your idea into a validated business plan.

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About the Author: Riya is a pure soul, who loves to explore herself and the world around her. Writing has been magnetizing me since my early teenage years.

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