Frequently asked questions

What are your long term goals?

Our goal is to create a sustainable tomorrow by helping the social enterprises & also with our various projects undertaken for the community.

What is the present scenario of sustainablity in India?

In India as well as the other parts of world, we're facing major challenges in order to comply with environmental sustainability in long terms by government agencies, corporates, businesses etc due to lack of sufficient solutions.

What difference can a single person make?

It all starts with small & your contribution to collective efforts can make a difference in real world.

How is Ecochirp Foundation working towards SDGs?

We through our programs educate and work on the SDGs. You can check our programs for more information on -

What are the major environmental issues?

There are many major environmental issues to consider but some of them may include climate change, pollution, environmental degradation, and resource depletion.

What is Ecochirp?

Ecochirp is an NGO that works towards the amelioration of the Environment. At Ecochirp we believe that change begins with ourselves. We focus on inculcating change at ground level and developing a sustainable and efficient future. We work on sustainable development goals to eradicate environmental issues and ensure a sustainable future. Along with the numerous sustainability projects undertaken by us, we work to educate and act. Educated and dedicated youth has the potential to bring change.

What could I do to help?

For Individuals - You can help us by Volunteering/ Interning with us in our projects and spread the word. For Corporates/ Organization - You can reach out to us to help us or partner in any of our projects through your expertises & also can with the funds.

How could I reach out to you?

Write us an email at -

Are Ecochirp interns paid for their work?

No, it's completely on voluntary basis.

How does Ecoshodh work towards a sustainable environment?

Ecoshodh is the research vertical of Ecochirp Foundation. The wing is dedicated to the study of sustainability models of organizations and other entities. The aim of the wing is to inculcate, cultivate, and promote research interest among the research enthusiasts. To know more -

How does Ecochirp Ennovator’s Nurtury help startups?

At Ennovator's Nurtury, we help social startups working towards sustainabiltiy raise funds with the help of our impact investors network.