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India's transition to net zero economy can create over 50 million jobs

Source: WEF

Sounds impressive, isn't it?

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People behind Ecochirp Sustainability School

Harshad Gupta
Co-Founder & Director

Abhishek Kushwaha
Co-Founder & CEO

Capt. Satyendra Vaidya
Consulting Advisor

Palak Kumar
Content Strategist

What Inspires Us To Work

I joined the WMB to enhance my knowledge about Agri-waste management & EPR regulations. At bootcamp, I’ve not only learned about waste management practices related to my niche (agriculture), but also about integrated waste management. As part of the 1st edition, the journey has been enthralling and I’m sure it will keep getting interesting in the future as well.

Sarthak Kothiyal
MBA Student, IRMA

WMB-2021 has provided me with more knowledge & skills than I expected. Not just in form of theories & definitions but moreover the practical understanding of it. Speakers had years of experience and ground knowledge about the sector. Getting a chance to learn from them has provided a realistic view of what goes on and what can be done. Thanks to Ecochirp sustainability school for building this amazing learning program.

Mansi Agarwal
MBA Student, Nirma University

My experience at Waste Management Bootcamp has been an enriching one.  My learnings regarding the industry have increased each passing week rigorously while diving into each sector of waste management. It helped me look for alternatives in my venture and how we can infuse it with our product to solve this growing problem of waste. The best part is the faculty that has been leading the industry and have been the pillars of the industry since day one.  I thank team Ecochirp for all their efforts and curating this fantastic fellowship program.

Daksh Sardana
Co-founder, Len-Den

Attending the Waste management bootcamp was one of the best decisions I made. Weekend classes are extremely beneficial for working professionals like me who want to build a career in this sector. The program is very well structured & each topic taken up by industry experts help us gain a thorough understanding of the concepts. Overall a great learning experience from renowned professionals as well as from my fellow learners.

Padmapriya Rangasamy
Senior Business Analyst, GEP India

Incubated at AIC-AUDF (Supported by Govt. of Delhi)

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